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Kimmell Cybersecurity Quoted in Akron Legal News!

Law firms taking advice on cybersecurity; you should too!… I don’t know if my constant hammering on this topic has influenced this latest happening, but a few Akron law firms have recently decided to upgrade their cybersecurity approach. Fortunately, they didn’t have to go very far geographically to bring in a heavy cybersecurity hitter. No names please, but several of Akron’s largest law firms have engaged West Akron firm Kimmell Cybersecurity to test, analyze and protect their data from the…

Kimmell Interviewed by Retail Publisher

Kimmell suggests that all retailers take their security a step further than just being PCI compliant. “Even with basic PCI awareness training, in retail, people are so busy selling that security might not be top of mind. AlienVault is Lucky Shoes’ safeguard from insider threats — both malicious and accidental.” Read the full article here………. Lucky Shoes Safeguards its Business With AlienVault