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Kimmell Cybersecurity Quoted in Akron Legal News!

Law firms taking advice on cybersecurity; you should too!…

I don’t know if my constant hammering on this topic has influenced this latest happening, but a few Akron law firms have recently decided to upgrade their cybersecurity approach. Fortunately, they didn’t have to go very far geographically to bring in a heavy cybersecurity hitter. No names please, but several of Akron’s largest law firms have engaged West Akron firm Kimmell Cybersecurity to test, analyze and protect their data from the rampant thievery of internet hackers. Brett Kimmel, the cybersecurity firm’s founder, said that his approach to working with law firms and the rest of his clients starts with an “information security assessment,” which is basically a system checkup that results in a 45- to 50-page report with an executive summary, charts, diagrams, detail sections and a “control roadmap.” Costs of this assessment vary depending on the size of the project. The assessment takes about 100 hours to perform, he said, and does not intrude on the regular business activities of the firm. Kimmell, when asked what he found looking at some of the local law firms’ systems, replied “unsecured confidential data, local users as admins, multiple ANY ANY rules in the firewall, unpatched servers, no centralized logging, no network monitoring, the list goes on and on… .Probably even if you don’t
understand all of that, the basic idea is enough: None of those are good things for law firms or their clients. Once the assessment is completed, Kimmell’s firm can provide 24/7 system security. Kimmell himself is no fly-bynight kid looking to make a name for himself. He is a CPA, has numerous certifications in computer security and has worked in the field nearly since its inception. He is also a member of Leadership Akron, and was recently asked to sit on the advisory board for The University of Akron’s new cybersecurity degree. Although they’re pretty busy, the firm is taking new clients, particularly local law firms. Any of those (and their clients and others who store data) out there who would like a trusted, local cybersecurity outfit to take a look at their data safety could get a hold of Kimmell Cybersecurity at Or call 330-762-5143. Richard Weiner is a reporter, a freelance writer, and a graduate of Ohio Northern University School of Law. Reach him at rweiner1