Penetration Test

"Pen Test"

Network Penetration Test

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is an authorized attack on a system that looks for security weaknesses with the goal of gaining controlled access to the system and data
  • Intelligence Gathering

    In this phase we gain an understanding of the organization and its Internet footprint as well as IT asset information.
  • Reconnaissance

    Reconnaissance is performed to discover all live hosts and services running within the organization’s network.
  • Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis

    A procedure performed on the customer's network to discover vulnerabilities on servers, workstations, & network equipment.
  • Vulnerability Exploit and Privilege Escalation

    In this phase we attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities discovered in the previous phases to gain unauthorized access to the device.
  • Reporting

    Kimmell will document and present our findings in: An executive summary, detailed technical report, & recommended action plan